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Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet
Review by Richard Pachter

Maybe this is a little “inside,” but in my ten years+ of writing biz book reviews and running a book club, I never — I mean NEVER — read club members’ or others’ reviews before I scribble my own. In fact, when publicists or pals send me reviews or links to reviews of books that I’m considering (or not), I refuse to look at ‘em.

I’m not a snob, lord knows, but I just don’t want to be influenced by anyone’s opinion. Period. I’m an impressionable fellow, and I might be influenced or persuaded to pay attention to something in a book that I’d otherwise miss or ignore. That’s fine after the fact, and I’ve gone back to many a book upon seeing a subsequent review, sure, but for me, reading is a visceral AND intellectual activity, so I like to think AND feel in real time before I write my own review. (But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.)

But I broke my own rule with this book. I skimmed (just skimmed) a few reviews by club members.


Since this online book club is really a new venture and participants were actually paying for the privilege, I wanted to make dead sure that my first selection was solid, as far as the club members are concerned. I’d had this book for many months and knew that it’s a really terrific tome but maybe it wasn’t the same for everyone.

But honestly, many (or most) of us are on the Net for a good portion of the day, every day, either on computers or mobile devices, and have thought about monetizing the experience. Right?

Now, I already have an affiliate thing with Amazon, for example, so if you click on any of the books listed here or on my other websites, you’re taken to each book’s page on and if you decide to make a purchase, I get a few cents; a pittance, really, but it can add up — although it really doesn’t, at least not for me. I think I got enough credits from transactions to buy a tin of Irish Oatmeal, but it’s not about the money. I wouldn’t mind it, but there isn’t very much of it. As an author friend told me when we discussed the unintentionally pro bono nature of his own websites, “We do it for love.”

Well, yeah, but if one also wanted to devote their online time and energy to more materially productive and acquisitive pursuits, I really can think of no better resource than this deep and wide volume by Marc Ostrofsky.

It’s a tackle-bag of tactics. Not a lot of strategy here, if at all. But that’s fine. He provides (and briefy explains) so many different websites, tool and options that most anyone with half a brain can mix and match, and come up with a good plan — or several options.

Nothing literary or poetic here: He makes no pretense of it being anything other than a well-organized and actionable compendium of resources for anyone interested in making money from the Net right now. And Ostrofsky’s upbeat can-do demeanor is apparent throughout.

Though the Internet is itself a moving target, Ostrofsky lists time-tested (in Internet time, anyway) tools, as well as new sites and tactics that mostly require minimal technical expertise.

He includes recommendations for setting up websites, finding domains, using — and monetizing — Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, selling, buying and more. Plus, each chapter includes one or more QR codes (that you scan with a smart phone) that refer to value-added content; giveaways, premiums, promotions, trials and other goodies and relevant websites.

Here's an example of a QR code:

You may not be ready to start making money online, or like most of us, are too busy earning a living to get rich (I wish) but Get Rich Click is a really terrific resource and a potentially great catalyst for thought and action.


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