Sunday, July 13, 2014

Short book, short review.

When I wrote a weekly biz books column for the Miami Herald, I imposed a few limitations, which I communicated to publishers, publicists and authors. Among them, “No parables,” after I’d covered “Who Moved My Cheese,” a popular but obvious tale about the perils of resisting change.

Fables and parables seemed like lazy and contrived ways to teach a lesson. And they were multiplying like vermin. Far too many to take seriously, I decided. Surely there are plenty of real-world examples available.


Indeed! Kevin Allen provides a great one here. His account is a perfect illustration of the most important qualities and behaviors required for leadership, based on his own experience managing a diverse team at NYC's JFK Airport. The brief tale is clearly conveyed and a pleasure to read.

That’s the first 14 pages of this 60-page book. The rest of it is ok, but laden with less compelling nuggets, formulas, quotes and the like. With respect to Mr. Case, it’s not needed. Very little of it seems new, fresh or revelatory. It’s not, by any means, horrible, though a real letdown after that first great part.

But if you want to read a terrific, telling and true tale that teaches, consider the lesson provided by The Case of the Missing Cutlery. The remainder of the book is entirely optional.


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