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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work by Chris Barez-Brown

According to author Chris Baréz-Brown, when U2 singer and inveterate activist Bono first approaches a new organization, he wants to know who the group's "Elvis" is: who's the charismatic get-it-done person.

This new book is devoted to bringing out your inner Elvis, or at least upping your Elvis quotient.

Savvy marketing guy that he is, Baréz-Brown has a bunch of websites and links for further info on the book. Here are several: UK site:

Here's his Twitter account: @uppingyourelvis

And the book's Facebook page:

He's even got a (paid) iPhone app:

Here's the publisher's blurb on the book:
Is your job like wading through quicksand? Do you want to quit every time the printer jams? Or do you love it and want to shine even brighter?
Either way you're not alone. We've put together some simple questions to help you see how shiny your working life could be. Spend a couple of minutes giving us your answers and we'll give you a personalized action plan with some easy steps to get you a bit closer to loving every minute of the working day.

An interview with Chris Baréz-Brown: about the book

A UK magazine interview:

And  one more interview (below).


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