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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've reviewed the author's earlier books (here, here and here) and this one may be his best one yet because it's his most actionable. And it's pretty timely. The subject is also a very popular one, especially in our part of the world.

I've posted a video preview of the book here.

More info follows below.

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 The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own: A Do-It-Yourself Breakthrough Strategy

THE SMARTEST PORTFOLIO YOU’LL EVER OWN: A Do-It-Yourself Breakthrough Strategy Daniel R. Solin. Perigee.

From the publisher: Bestselling author and financial blogger Daniel R. Solin provides do-it-yourself investors the means to create a SuperSmart Portfolio that mimics those constructed for some of the most sophisticated institutional and high net-worth investors in the country. These portfolios were not available to DIY investors until now. In this breakthrough book, Solin’s readers can maintain complete control over their money and replicate these envied portfolios using an accessible strategy that minimizes volatility and maximizes returns.

As readers have come to expect from Solin, implementing this plan requires only three steps:

  • Open an account with a discount broker
  • Determine the appropriate asset allocation using the simple questionnaire in the book or online
  • Input pre-determined ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) at the allocations for the level of the investor’s individual risk profile.


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